Linda Moulton Howe They Are Doing Something Different and No One Can Explain It


Compelling clip! I've come to the conclusion that *most* of this ET stuff is a cover for something VERY earthly... as ancient as it is advanced - and fitting the M.O. of a fallen hierarchy of angels. I'd fathom they need humans to build their 'escape pod'; creating an interface these beings can interact with. 'Cat & Mouse' interactions could likely be with the more responsible class working in harmony with the plan of Creation.. Geordie Rose [ of DWAVE/CERN (aka DEMON?) ] was fairly clear they are interfacing with beings that are as intelligent as they are apathetic to humanity. A dive in with the term 'Qliphoth' led me to a work on Goetic magick that was quite blunt in saying that the Left Hand path is more or less achieving immorality by bringing on 'cosmic eviction through ghastly actions' so one is free to become a god unto themselves ( presumably now being Master-less ).. Being cast out of the 'Tree of Life', they now rule over the demonic/inverted mirror sephiroth and are working to manifest this perversion as THEIR creation. Philosophically, it is a plausible-if not likely- scenario that is a total mind-F frankly. Explains why many go through more trouble jacking things up than would be to just chill out and get along. A loyal angelic horde surely could monitor humans without detection/molestation. And an advanced off-planet horde surely would have implemented something far worse than we can think up considering the damage humanity continues to inflict upon itself ( despite claiming empathy as a human trait ). This seemingly points to an advanced fallen dis-incarnate horde - Angelic, thus necessarily ET, that generate innumerable horror stories and an apparent active campaign of oppression upon the human spirit. MINIMALLY, these beings are injecting themselves to a large part of the population, stirring up terror & fear, while failing to make a reciprocal positive showing in equally public settings to both ease humanity while remaining aloof from planetary affairs.