Electric Universe

"Gravity is a Myth and Does Not Exist; Electricity is the only force in the Universe". FOR SALE @: http://www.feandft.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jODy... Pari Spolter demolishes newton and einsteins gravity theories (guesses): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3pU5... Pari Spolter's book for sale: http://www.amazon.com/Gravitational-F... http://parispolter.com/ WC Wright's Push Gravity translated into Russellian Science: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... From the Introduction page of my latest book: In the course of this book I will prove that the force called “Gravity” by newton and later modified by einstein and others, does not exist and is purely mythical in its creation. The consequences of this conclusion are immense. It means that a huge list of non-existent entities have been conjured up by academic psyentists based on the mythematics of a non-existent force. For example: dark matter, dark energy, black holes, singularities, event horizons, wimps, mond, machos, neutron stars, gravitational collapse, gravitons, gravity waves, quantum gravity, inward pulling gravity, gravitational lensing, gravitational constant, schwarzchild radius, gravitational radiation, frame dragging, general relativity, anti-gravity, virtual gravitons, quantum field theory to name just a few, are in fact false and mythical as well. The Gravity Myth Page 14 Atomic Suicide Matter is not held together from within by the attraction of gravity, as generally supposed, it is compressed together by a force exerted from the outside toward its center. Page 81 Atomic Suicide We wish to demonstrate to you that the anti-matter stillness, which science is discovering, is the Creator's Energy Source. Yes—there is an invisible zero universe. It is the Mind-universe of Magnetic Light. For scientific purposes in explaining the construction of matter, we will name it the omnipresent universal vacuum. The universal vacuum is the expansion end of the universal piston, and gravity is the compression end. As electricity is the creator of focal points, which we call gravity, and because compression is the sole office of electricity, every oscillation of the electric current of Creation is an interchange between the stillness of the universal vacuum of God's Mind-universe of CAUSE, and the electric universe of motion, to produce EFFECT. Page 89 Atomic Suicide Gravity is evidenced wherever compression from without is maximum. Gravity is a focal point from which matter desires to explode outwardly. Gravity does not pull inwardly from within as the deceptive illusion of Nature would have you believe. Neither is it the attractive force which Newton's senses were deceived into believing, for a center of gravity is a point of maximum electric potential. Gravity never changes. It is never more or less. It is maximum everywhere. It is electric potential which changes by multiplying and dividing the measure of power it is able to express by drawing it from its gravity center of control. It is like the power of a man who can draw but little from the great omnipotence which centers him, as compared with another man whose knowledge enables him to draw more of it. Electric potential is the tension caused by the electric division of the ONE universal condition of rest into two unbalanced conditions of motion. Page 104 Atomic Suicide Man's concept of gravity as being an attractive force which pulls inward from within, is diametrically opposed to the facts of Nature. Gravity is the controlling center of a compressive electric force which is exerted from the outside of matter instead of within it. Page 132 Atomic Suicide The supposition that gravity is a force which pulls inward from within is, basically, the cause of the misconception of the nucleal atom. Instead of holding matter together the nucleal suns of these systems have accumulated enough heat, by multiplying it centripetally, to explode them centrifugally. Page 138 Atomic Suicide It is right here that all observers, from Newton to Einstein, have been so grievously misled by the evidence of their senses. All of them have believed in a force in Nature which pulls inward from within. Out of their observations we have, in physics, a law covering the acceleration of gravity, and mathematics to give ratios of the power of matter to attract matter, and many other misconceptions. The very fact that a stone falls to the ground has built a belief that gravity attracts it. Instead of that it is the density of electric potential which causes the stone to seek its like pressure condition in motion. Produced by Robert Otey Free Energy and Free Thinking http://www.feandft.com all rights reserved 5-28-15