Yahweh the Sagittarian Devil?

There are compelling arguments for Yahweh/Jehova being more or less 'The Devil'. Christ in John 8:44 begs the Question.. If YHVH/JHVH AREN'T fallen, then WHO else was Christ referring to when speaking to the Jewish Priests? This said.... my understanding of this riddle is as such
:  [I Am].. as in [ego]... as in [lower nature]... as in [Carnal Nature].. as in [the lower half of the astrological wheel] - where one leaves [Perfect Spiritual Naivity], enters the [Piscean Duality], dives into the [Aquarian Abyss], wrestles with the [Capricornian Sea Beasts], faces [The Devil Himself in Saggitarius] & battles the conflicted [Centarian state of man/beast], suffers the [Stings of Scorpio], to be found worthy in the [Scales of Libra], and {Reborn in Virgo], as the [Righteously Courageous Leo]. Moses' "I AM a jealous God" is in stark contrast to Christ's "God the Father" - but esoterica speaks of TWO priesthoods: the lower carnal & the higher spiritual. References to Melchizedek in the OT confirms the HIGHER priesthood was the FIRST & ORIGINAL & the Aaronic was the LOWER priesthood ( tending to Yahweh's sacrificial altars in physical temples where burnt flesh of the 1st born was sweet upon the dietie' nostrils ). My understanding is Yahweh's jealousy was over 'his' nation's love affair with Baal worship & idoltry. In more than one sense, Yahweh presented a higher spiritual order against Polytheism and outright debauchary, but the wholesale murder of those from differing tribes, untenable burden in the volumes of Talmudic LAW ( & more succintly in the 10 commandments ). Ra channelings on this topic presented an angle I hadn't considered: Yahweh #1 usurped 'God the Father', but a Yahweh#2 ursurped Yahweh#1 ( presumaby another entity had it's time upon 'The Throne' in accordance with the same Astrological Cycles that have stayed Justice being visited upon [The Fallen] ). Jehova has correspondences to the Greek Zeus, but here again Zeus is both a [Title] and a [Spefic Entity] depending on context.📍

Revisting the Biblical OT books with all this in consideration will present one with an infinitely cohesive story and relative clarity lacking ( nearly in its entirety ) by the Christian proper. One might even go so far to say there has been a DELIBERATE campaign to invert the astrological wheel, making these [Bottom Feeders] [Sky Gods]. On the worst of days, inverting the false teachings of the [Big Box Religious Stores] that pollute nearly every city block like liquor stores will put you in far better understanding than any Seminary School that was systemically infiltrated long ago & has very little to show for the cumulative planetary investment of us [Surface Dwellers]. Rome was swift & complete with its erradication of any [Mystery School], [Prophet], [Mage/Witch], Esoteric Document, or Individual bearing proof of [The Devil's Deception].

Moses' had to 'veil his face' to the Israelites  - who left Babylon physically, but never spiritually - "demanding" a priest-class as an intermediary for a people who rejected approaching "God the Father" directly & [Face to Face] [ AS PRIESTS THEMSELVES ] as the Melchizedek Priesthood emobied eons before the Aaronic Priesthood and eons before our [Fallen Teachers] rebelled & threw Creation into tumultuous chaos wherein human culture & spiritual progress devolved into a [Hot Mess] the likes of which a quick survey of [Current Affairs] reveals has continued unto [Today].