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Planned Parenthood: Abortion is Big Business - especially on the Black Market


After a spar with a friend on the matter, I decided to dig up the media links reporting on the Michael Roth felony case where he allegedly has several fetus in the trunk of his car with intent to sell.

in 2015 FoxNewsInsider interviewed an insider who said fetus harvesting is big business, with vaccines in need of such a supply in their production. Forgoing the spiritual despotism prevalent in the abortion industry, the financial lure has been proven time and again:



As seen on Hannity

Former Planned Parenthood employee Abby Johnson said on "Hannity" tonight that the organization's selling of aborted fetus body parts is a "big business."

Johnson worked for the organization as a clinic director for eight years, but quit when she saw an ultrasound-guided abortion.

She told Sean Hannity tonight that many abortion facilities across the country are getting paid a pretty good price for fetus specimens.

"It's a big business," Johnson said. "Planned Parenthood is harvesting these organs as early as seven or eight weeks gestation."

Johnson said that the women who were getting abortions at her clinic were generally informed that the fetus' organs or body parts could be used, but they were also told that the tissue would be used for science or research, giving them a "false sense of altruism."

"They're certainly not telling women that, 'We're going to pick through the body parts that are removed from your uterus, and we're going to pick out the best organs, the ones that we can get the most money for, and ship them off.' They are talking to these women about the life-saving efforts that these research studies could have when that may not be true at all."