Astrology Investigation


Biblical Considerations

  • Revelations all about astrology
    • As Above, So Below
    • Virgin Mary => Virgo
    • Leo CONCEIVED/Jesus born of Virgin/Virgo
  • Astrological Correspondence & story acted out by Jesus & His Priesthood
    • Christ cam to FULFILL Jehova's Contract, not destroy or negate it
      • Now the LAW IS FULFILLED
      • Still present, but has NO POWER OR AUTHORITY
      • YET many still follow the old LAW on their own free will
      • Notice Jehova is no longer massacring his people despite even worse behavior since times of Christ's Resurrection
    • Notice Jesus died on cross, went into the underworld for 3 days
      • Astological correspondence is December 21 to March 21






  • LEO


  • PISCES: Diving into Abyss or Duality
  • AQUARIUS: deeper into the abyss
  • CAPRICORN: rising from the abyss
  • SAGITTARIUS: coming up from the abyss
  • SCORPIO: Battle with lower forces
  • LIBRA: JUDGEMENT to be free of lower forces
  • VIRGO: Spiritual Life Conceived
  • LEO:
  • ARIES:



  • man
  • bull
  • lion
  • eagle


Yearly Cycle

#    Sign    Date-Start    Date-End    AgeStart    AgeEnd    Comment
1    Aries    March 21    April 19            Active, Demanding, Determined, Effective, Ambitious. Very clever and resourceful when motivated. Leans towards making impetuous choices. Would rather leap before looking if there is a lure of excitement or adventure. Uncomfortable with stagnation; hates to be bored. Requires deep belief or passion in order to avoid tendency to be selfish.
2    Taurus    April 20    May 20            Security, Subtle strength, Appreciation, Instruction, Patience. Tends to be possessive. Finds it difficult to let go of 'the way things are' and consequently resistent to change. Requires a home-base, this is especially true with the family unit. Finds identity within the home. Appreciates hard work and the value that comes from it.
3    Gemini    May 21    June 20            Communication, Indecision, Inquisitive, Intelligent, Changeable. A jack of all trades, but a master of very few of them. Hence, able to generate surface communication about virtually any subject. Quick intelligence, good at multi- tasking. Requires stimulation, variety and enjoys fast-paced situations. Logical, rational and usually a masterful instructor.
4    Cancer    June 21    July 22            Emotion, Diplomatic, Intensity, Impulsive, Selective. Difficulty letting go. Often feels the target of sabotage from others. Highly imaginative and emotional. Very intuitive. Follows senses rather than physical evidence. Imagines problems where there are none, therefor tends to worry without cause. Gifted with instinct and creativity.
5    Leo    July 23    August 22            Ruling, Warmth, Generosity, Faithful, Initiative. Confidence and charisma often leads to natural opportunity. Takes great pride in accomplishment. Appreciates accolades and compliments for work well done. May have tendency to vanity. Recognizes the good things in life and wants them. Expressive and prefers dominant life-positions.
6    Virgo    August 23    September 22            Analyzing, Practical, Reflective, Observation, Thoughtful. Can be scrutinizing and critical. Appreciates the high integrity. Understand the true definition of value and quality. Disdains waist and excess. Prefers to work with small details and may sometimes become lost in them. Often relied upon to manage effectively. Highly intelligent and deft at problem-solving.
7    Libra    September 23    October 22            Balance, Justice, Truth, Beauty, Perfection. Easily sees both sides of an argument. Highly skilled at problem-solving and decision making. Knows how to be unbiased while offering spirited debates on beliefs, knowledge, politics, etc. Appreciates sharing amongst family, friends co-workers etc. Finds it difficult to be alone; works best in partnerships.
8    Scorpio    October 23    November 21            Transient, Self-Willed, Purposeful, Unyielding. Not easy to pin down or predict. Prone to jealousy and possessivness. Highly amorous with impressive sex drive. This drive can be expressed in vocation, beliefs sport, or relationships. Tends to be competitive, especially with themselves. Can be very critical with themselves. Very creative, artistic and imaginative.
9    Sagittarius    November 22    December 21            Philosophical, Motion, Experimentation, Optimism. Uneasy with routine and stagnation. Requires stimulation. Imaginative and creative. Appreciates accumulation of knowledge and philosophy. Enjoys exploration and travel. Tends to be unabashedly honest. Hesitant to commitment, or finds it difficult to complete promised goals.
10    Capricorn    December 22    January 19            Determination, Dominance, Perservering, Practical, Willful. Easily accepts obligation and responsibility. Lives by a moral code which is often traditional and conventional. Skilled strategic thinker, able to easily problem solve. Often achieves success by sheer hard work. Finds difficulty with change, especially changing perspective if committed to a certain ideal.
11    Aquarius    January 20    February 18            Knowledge, Humanitarianism, Serious, Insightful, Duplicitous. Original thinker, able to deftly move around problems with unorthodox solutions. Idealistic, and prefers equal opportunity for all. Tends to be the defender of underdogs. Philosophical and appreciates high spirited debates with others of equal intelligence. Can be unpredictable, highly opinionated and remote.
12    Pisces    February 19    March 20            Fluctuation, Depth, Imagination, Reactive, Indecisive. Deeply intuitive, often lives and thinks in a different world than others. Dreamer on multiple levels (in goals and in imagination). Finds difficulty facing reality. Highly artistic and easily expressive. This is especially true in song and written word such as poetry.



Sirus 24,000 - 25,000 year cycle

  • Sirus / Sun is a binary system
  • Solar system rotates around sirius, causing the zodiacal precession of ~24,0000 years
    • Quite likely 2,000 year ages are constant
    • solar system will likely SLOW as it separates from Sirius
    • then SPEED UP during the approach to Sirus
    • this may impact the the length of the ages OR
      • ages may themselves be considered shorter or longer since the apparent precession itself would consistently speed up/slow down during these signs
  • Sirius & Sun are twins, likely that Christ embodies BOTH
    • such that Christ is God of our system AND our Sirius Twin
  • This system is what causes the Earth's Axial Precession
    • the wobble is due to solar system rotating around sirius
  • Pyramids were specifically designed with King/Queens chambers pointing to polaris & Sirius
    • Find Correpsondence during Age of Leo
    • Queen's:
      • ???? "Beta" (B) in Ursa Minor 
      • Sirius
    • King's
      • Orion
      • ????
    • Sphinx originally a LION
      • defaced with a face, possibly to hijack divine power OR to HIDE original intent
    • IES - Sun/Horus
  • Many correspondences to Jesus, Abraham & Egyptian Pharaohs
    • Possible Jesus was the last Egyptian Pharaoh - which was usurped by Satan to thwart His mission


#    Sign    Date-Start    Date-End    Element    Planet    Chakra        Color    Gland    Metal        AgeStart    AgeEnd
1    Aries    March 21    April 19    Fire    Mars/Pluto    SolarPlexus    Manipura    Yellow            Arian    2150BC    1AD
2    Taurus    April 20    May 20    Earth    Venus    Heart    Anahata    Green/Pink            Taurean    4300BC    2150BC
3    Gemini    May 21    June 20    Air    Mercury    Throat    Visshuda    Blue/Indigo            Geminian    6450BC    4300BC
4    Cancer    June 21    July 22    Water    Moon    3rdEye    Ajna    Violet/Purple            Cancerian    8006BC    6450BC
5    Leo    July 23    August 22    Fire    Sun    Crown    Sahasrara    White/Gold            Leonian    10006BC    8006BC
6    Virgo    August 23    September 22    Earth    Mercury                                
7    Libra    September 23    October 22    Air    Venus                                
8    Scorpio    October 23    November 21    Water    Mars/Pluto                                
9    Sagittarius    November 22    December 21    Fire    Jupiter/Neptune                                
10    Capricorn    December 22    January 19    Earth    Saturn/Uranus                                
11    Aquarius    January 20    February 18    Air    Saturn/Uranus    Base    Swadisthana    Red            Aquarian    2150AD    
12    Pisces    February 19    March 20    Water    Jupiter/Neptune    Sacral    Muladhara    Orange/Red            Piscean    1AD    2150A




Planetary System

  • Planets are the chakras of the solar system
  • Sun,Moon,Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
    • Uranus, Neptune, Pluto - NEW to the system
      • represent HIGHER, perhaps Galactic circuits of consciousness
  • Planets are 'set into their place' or ENCIRCUITED
  • Chakras are also circuited, so as we clean & ready them, spiritual growth is possible
  • Demonic interference possible & likely, must clean with Christ