Astrology Notes


House Keywords Zodiac Sign Natural Ruler Traditional Ruler
1st self, life, body Aries Mars  
2nd possessions, money, material circumstances, livelihood Taurus Venus  
3rd local movement, short journeys, communication, school, siblings Gemini Mercury  
4th home, family, roots, parent Cancer Moon  
5th creativity, children, romance, entertainment Leo Sun  
6th health, service, work, routine Virgo Mercury  
7th partners, marriage, open enemies Libra Venus  
8th sex, death, inheritances, other’s money, loss Scorpio Pluto Mars
9th travel, higher education, religion, spirituality, law Sagittarius Jupiter  
10th career, social position, dominant parent Capricorn Saturn  
11th friendships, associations, aspirations Aquarius Uranus Saturn
12th hidden matters, the unconscious, clandestine relationships, secret enemies, seclusion Pisces Neptune Jupiter


How does one get from 7 spirits to 12 houses?

  • Sun / Moon relate to one entity each
  • 5 Planets have corresponding male/female 'entities',
  • Thus
    • making 10 entities for the planets
    • plus 2 for the sun and moon
    • making 12 total