Jesus, 153, the Fish and the Cross

An interesting line of thought was encountered recently regarding Jesus and the number 153 in John 21:11.

According to esoteric circles, Jesus surpassed all those in Jerusalem in the knowledge of the mysteries by the age of 12.. astonishing the Jewish priests in the temple there. He then travelled to India to teach the Hindus - as they too were awaiting 'The Christ'. Like the Jews, many accepted Him as The Christ while others rejected Him. There are differing positions on Jesus' journey to India: some say to learn, but it is more likely He went to teach. Given Jesus' teachings are jam-packed with Astrology, Numerology, and the Mysteries, it seems much more likely He self-realized the Truth and the Mysteries - BEING THE CREATOR OF THEM - rather than having them imparted to Him by the various disciples of the Mystery Schools - whom each only had parts of the whole Truth. In any case.. the number 153 has some astounding things about it as we will explore below. The key to understanding 153 is the number 265 - in the ratio of 156:265... or the square root of 3...SQRT(3)...

Square Root of 3

it seems that the ratio 153:265 is the first set of integers that come close to the approximation of the square root of 3.

  • SQRT(3) = 1.732050808
  • 265/153 = 1.732026144

trying to find a lower common denominator is met with failure:

  • 153/9 = 17
  • 265/9= 29.44444444


John 21:11

John 21:11 mentions Simon Peter pulling 153 fish out of the sea after Jesus said to not cast your net on the left(material) side, but instead cast it on the right(spiritual).

When diving in to the mystery of 153 it was found that there is a sacred number:

  • Square Root of 3...
  • or its close approximation 153:265.

There is a mathematically absolute truth in this ratio - and might just explain the fish symbol AND the cross...

The Willing Sacrifice

It is becoming increasingly clear Christ NOT ONLY made history in the flesh... but WILLINGLY ACTED OUT the prophesied drama. Meaning, the story existed before the event... & He bravely played the part.

A grand ritual... where His life was a Ceremony unto itself..perhaps the slightest deviation of Free Will Choice could unravel the universe by making Gods prophets nothing but liars talk about "no pressure dude, but don't screw this one up" !!!

If you knew for certain you will be tortured if moving forward, and had the choice to avoid it, would you be strong enough to walk into it?

The Circle & the Number 12 is Revealed by SQRT(3)

Just some curious thoughts

  • it is curious that our present day clock has preserved this esoteric knowledge
  • even to the extent that each day we seem to (not) be reminded of 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night
  • there doesn't appear to be a good reason to opt for 12x2 instead of 24x1
  • the clock being round seems to be easily explained by being on a round planet, with time being counted & divided by the turning of a planet.
  • 360 degrees x2 = 720 degrees & 72 is also a sacred number
  • 72 & 720 are mentioned many times in the bible... in some cases they relate to the number of gods
  • incidentally,
    • the horizontal line of 153 created by intersecting two circles by 4 HOUSES
    • the vertical line of 153 created by intersecting two circles by 2 HOUSES
    • forms what appears to be a cross
  • incidentally,
    • the fish symbol is created by intersecting two circles by 2 HOUSES
  • this is cause for thought,
    • if John 21:11 is giving us a key to the relation between 12 and circles, one might question its relationship to astrology.
    • Jesus rarely spoke without mentioning ages, stars, constellations & astrological symbols - sure seems like someone is hiding something.
  • this is cause for thought,
    • all branches of the Church Establishment have their roots in Roman Catholicism
    • and Rome burned everything it could get its hands on, only relenting in producing the present day bible when it was clear the 'cat was out of the bag'
    • Services were conducted in Latin as to keep the masses ignorant
    • People were murdered for having copies of the Bible
    • Rome murdered the Christ in collusion with the Jewish Priest Class
    • Vatican has long known to be overran with Satanists.
    • curious how we still religiously follow most of their canon

Astrology implied in the number 153

  • two circles with 12 divisions
  • when they overlap by 4 ASTROLOGICAL HOUSES.... their *centers* are 153 pixels apart
  • when they overlap by 2 ASTROLOGICAL HOUSES.. their *circumferences* are 153 pixels apart
  • incidentally these two lines of 153 overlap to form a cross

Sun, Sirius Binary Star System

  • In this line of thought, our SUN & SIRIUS are a binary star system with a 25200yr cycle.. divided by 12 is 2100 - so 2100 years per 'astrological age'
  • the age of enlightenment is the period of 4000 years when these stars are the closest in proximity

the influences on the 'fish': the RIGHT SIDE is flooded with higher spiritual energy the LEFT SIDE is flooded with material energy so fishing on the RIGHT side means to live in the SPIRIT NOT THE FLESH

  • see the two circles now?


  • The 4000 years of the 'golden age' has the darkness counterpart of the 'dark ages' when Christ died, the sun will set for 6 months and we enter this period of increasing materialism where Satan/Saturn reigns

  • It appears that perhaps astrology has many layers and like Christ... having both a spiritual, metaphorical, and historical meaning... ALSO has multiple meanings and has been used through time as a LANGUAGE to explain the mysteries which also explains why the Bible is bloated with astrology, signs, stars, mysteries, and ages.

Astrology, Disney & Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs

The Symbolic Meaning of the Seven Dwarfs The seven dwarfs represent the seven planes of consciousness that ancient philosophers believed to exist in the universe as well as inside each person. These planes correspond to the physical realm (body, sensations, emotions and concrete mind) and spiritual realm (pure mind, intuition, will). According to the ancient knowledge, when all seven planes of consciousness are aligned in perfect harmony, a person becomes enlightened and pure. But, this is no easy task as most humans struggle to overcome the traps of emotions, passions and desires, becoming very attached to the lower instincts of the physical realm, abandoning the spiritual life that should govern the soul. When Snow White finds the house of the seven dwarfs, everything is a mess and the house is dirty, so she starts to clean the house symbolizing the process of purification in which must clean the imperfections of her soul so that the seven instances of consciousness (dwarfs) can live in harmony.

Walt Disney reportedly was a disciple in the mystery schools & made it his life work to preserve the knowledge and plant seeds for us when we are ready. Of course, as with anything of Spiritual import, Satanic forces WILL penetrate, corrupt, and turn such organizations... Disney has been taken over completely, as with the Church establishment, government, freemasonry, mystery schools... Trump's Uncle received Tesla's estate and was an initiate.. I suspect Don Trump is an initiate also, probably of the Knights of Malta , though all these orgs have been infiltrated by Jesuits(Pope's CIA/Army) - with their main mission to destroy & confuse in the name of the Dragon..