Con Air

7-2-2018 Starnet Theater Club, Rothschild Ultra Pig Farm, Serco Con Air Death Pool

  • I've ran into like 7 pieces of info from different places the past two months
  • Kay Griggs implicated MKUltra in like 1996
  • The name came up AGAIN in 2018 with GAIA.TV Luciferian CEO reportedly throwing the name out in conversations!
  • The name came up AGAIN in Field McConnel videos regarding PigFarm Raves & SERCO Con Air Death Pool Broadcasting over Starnet systems used during 911

Abel Danger: Novicok & SuperBowl Near Miss

Field McConnel reportedly alerted authorities of a terror attack planned at the 2018 Superbowl via Novicok injected into the AC System & Magnetically locking all exit doors. Incidentally, we see the ENTIRE security detail was replaced last minute for the event.

SERCO & Con Air Swat were mentioned by Field during the discussion... still looking up the source video where he addressed it. In one of these:


The company providing security to Super Bowl Live, a nightly fan event in Minneapolis connected to Sunday’s NFL championship game, has been replaced because of insufficient background checks on its employees, according to a published report.

EPG Security Group, based in Minneapolis, had been left shorthanded after several of its employees were “yanked away” by federal authorities, a Minneapolis police lieutenant told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.