Research: Indian Reservations have Fallen to Utter Evil under the Watch of the U.S.

Look NORTHWARD: Indian Reservations where Crime FAR EXCEEDS that of the Police ability to control it so DIA contracts Prisoners for "Policing"

  • Drug & Alcohol Crisis of untold proportions
  • Perps threatening to kill children to keep witnesses quite on other murders.
  • Total chaos & murder... Baby Rape - 2mos, 2yrs
  • Profound statement that while it is horrible what they are doing.. consider the state of mind & trauma one has to go through to become the perpetrator.
  • Sad interview on the State of Affairs in our American Indian population. U.S. Destruction of entire populations.
  • Other states: Minnesota, Kansas, Montans

Cued: 36:24



Sexual assault rampant on Native American reservations

Child rape and sexual assault are an epidemic at a reservation in North Dakota, with most victims seeing no justice. Indian Country News

Harlem Man Sentenced in Strangulation Assault

March 30, 2020

Research: Underground Bases & Salt Mines

Muh Underground Cities

Technology has been here for a long time. Why are we in denial?

  • Search: underground salt mines
  • Search: Richard Sauder Underground Bases





Moar Muh Underground Cities

Technology has been here for a long time. Why are we in denial?

researc: 2020.0405: Beyonce & BRCA/BRCA2


Will post something more coherent later, but curious if anyone has seen anything on gene mutations:

  • BRCA
  • BRCA2
  • ATM
  • CHEK2
  • PALB2

NSF is working on biometric implants and there's a rather odd connection to Angela Jolie & Caitlin Brodnick with similar players, but with BRCA1/2 gene mutation. SARS/COVID research in the mix, so a bit concerned about what exactly is going on here. More to come.....

Research: 2020.0404: Boston University: PATHS-UP, NIFS, Texas A&M, NanoTech, Bio

Boston University

Charles Lieber Arrested For Chinese Connections, but it gets worse?

==PATHS-UP - Creating a new generation of debauched doctors==

Led by Gerard Coté at Texas A&M University in partnership with the University of California at Los Angeles, Rice University, and Florida International University, PATHS-UP brings outstanding expertise to overcome four barriers endemic to POC devices, the need to: be field deployable, have high accuracy, have low complexity, and be affordable. The mission of PATHS-UP is defined by two overarching goals: (1) to engineer transformative, robust, and affordable technologies to improve healthcare access, enhance the quality of service and life, and reduce healthcare costs and (2) to recruit and educate a diverse group of scientists and engineers who will lead the future in developing enabling technologies to improve health in underserved communities.


PATHS-UP will develop two transformative engineered systems to monitor key biomarkers (biochemical, biophysical, and behavioral) of chronic disease: a Lab-in-your-Palm (LiyP) and a Lab-on-a-Wrist (LoaW). The LiyP will be enabled by novel amplification biochips based on nano-engineered single-molecule chain reactions combined with innovative handheld computational imaging and modular spectroscopic instruments. The LoaW will be enabled by unique, "bar-code like" biochemical marker implants (grain of rice in size) coupled with a novel wrist-worn spectral imager to visualize the implant through tissue and innovative sensors to monitor biophysical markers (cuffless blood pressure, heart rate).


The team has a passion to promote meaningful, lasting, engagement with K-College students, especially under-represented minorities and K-12 teachers in our partner underserved communities.