Fall Cabal Series:

Fall of the Cabal Series for "Normies/Noobs"

Superb 10-part series on the Q phenomenon that is recommended for EVERY ONE to indulge as - putting Q aside - it provides a very well produced & researched 'lay of the land' for anyone wondering what is going on & why things are becoming increasingly BIZARRE. Once laughing off the premise that Luciferians/Satanists have taken over & running are the world - I found myself waking up a bit too late as we are witnessing the final chapter of the Horror Movie. Luckily for us - it seems - others have been tracking things & have countermeasures underway to fold this Cabal and dispatch them back to Hell.

I have been tracking several content creators over the last 4+ years and here are some conclusions:

  • Brother Nathanael
    • Jew born within Judaism & unabashedly fled to Christ - keeping all the 'dirty secrets' of the culture he fled. He has confirmed that the "Cabal" is - at its core - a Jewish & Talmudic construct. Those in the Cabal who are NOT Jews - are merely considered pawns in the Game. (((They))) intend on imploding ALL Nations in preparation for Messaich - or the Anti-Christ Messiah - at which time ALL goy & the sub-human races will be enslaved & each Jew will recieved 2800 slaves. This man has taken untold heat for standing up for his faith & is one source that can discuss TRUTH without the clever 'anti-semite' slur cast at him. There are those who hate Jews for ignorant reasons, and BroNate proves that NOT ALL JEWS are the problem - many are as secular as the average American & equally ignorant to the Cabal's Game that is afoot. (((Those Jews))) who worship Satan are the Cabal & they spread Debt Systems through Banking, Poison through HealthCare, Consumerism & Enslavement via Corporations(Golems), Anti-Christ Culture via Mainstream Media & Hollywood, and Communism via the Public Education System. At the helm of all these, you will curiously find "Cabal Jews" and THESE JEWS are the Cabal that work to murder Christians & 'subhumans' while decrying anyone who questions their hegemony as 'anti-semite'.
  • X22Report
    • For all things Q, X22 has spectacular analysis and commentary. Being at this game well before Q has given me the confidence that he works in good faith, but also has reliable analytical skills
  • Alex Jones
    • A polarizing figure to be certain - Jones has been in the 'Truther Movement' since 1996 & if he IS a CIA Asset, you have to appreciate the 18+ hour days he's sustained for nearly 3 decades that has brought MANY - if not MOST of us - to the table for a Global Discussion on WTF. Some say he protects Israel & the CNP/John Birch Society & this is possible. For myself, I have garnered countless leads on people, topics, and events that would simply not have been found otherwise.
  • David Vose
    • Re-writing Christian understanding of the Bible by erasing the Jewish PsyOp that has been adopted by Churches everywhere. It took me over a year to accept that Jehova & 'God The Father' are NOT the same being. Rather Jehova is the god of the Jews Christ was referring to in John 8:44 - this entity is the Devil. It gets more interesting from there with revealing how the Bible is ALL ABOUT Astrology & the Chakras: AstroTheology.
  • David-Icke
    • I credit him with tying what I know about Spirituality to what I know about Reality: namely the Archons have hijacked the material world interface
  • SpiritScience
    • YouTube content creator that has done a commendable job condensing the vast ocean of spiritual topics into an approachable video series covering SacredGeometry to Sumarian Tablets to Crystals to Kabbalah.