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One predecessor to “The Storm” was a scam from the early days of widespread internet use, called NESARA—which has roots in an even earlier intel-driven scam called Omega.

NESARA was a set of monetary reforms proposed in a late 90’s book called “Draining the Swamp,” written by engineer Harvey Francis Barnard. He wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve, ban interest on loans, forgive all consumer debt, go back to the gold standard, and establish a national sales tax. It’s a libertarian fever dream.

After years of trying to get Congress to pass NESARA, Barnard published the text online in 2000, where it caught the eye of a Seattle-area New Age enthusiast named Shaini Goodwin.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

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10+ years ago?


There are a lot more than 3.

Bildenberger and the Roosevelts are involved in some.
The Illuminati are another.
The Dove - Nasara group in another on the other side.
Then there are many secret societies like Skull and Bones, plus a bunch of fraternities and sorotities that would be others.
There are ones which are religious or semi religious like the Freemasons ( of which many of our presidents have belonged to)
there are ones like the Templars that go way back as well, they go back to the time of the crusades.
At that time there was one that was a group of Islamic terrorist types during the crusades that we know of as the Assassins ( there real name was more like the Hashis'san as they used a type of drug called hashsis. They were followers of a leader known as the Old Man of the Mountain. Remember them???
There are of course ones related to the mafia of various countries as well such as those in Italy, Russia, China and Japan.
These ones are all relatively well known.
The true secret societies are well - much more secret !!!
inzaratha · 1 decade ago