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WeAreTheNewMedia.com SITE NOTES / IDEAS
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My Background, to understand more clearly what i’m up to:
(Important message from justin wallis, WATNM founder)

I’m only trying to help spread information, broaden informative perspectives and bring communities together with the goal of furthering freedom, liberty and prosperity. Thanks for reading.


My project generally speaks for itself, through the content it’s putting out, but if you have any questions, Please Feel Free To Ask!


This is Just going to be a little background on me and where i’m coming from. I rarely bring any of this information up, but i find it necessary to explain myself to people putting their time in to help me. First of all, i’m a sovereign, independent individual, only controlled by my own Imperial Self. And i usually only give this information to of whom i’m close to or that i can trust.


Anyway, Personally, this project consists of 100K’s of hours of Research, and 5 Months of Design and Development of one of many main ideas i’ve had 11+ years ago, on which i’ve conspired (general plans of action) with myself a couple months before Luke Rudkowski’s first confrontation and before the creation of WeAreChange. At that exact moment, i was managing (Like Pages) the “Alex Jones” (I was generally the only one posting to for 5+ consecutive years) and i had created “Infowars” (I don’t and have not managed AJ & Infowars page for 6+ years, I’m happy to have picked it up the AJ page at the time, when it was at 10k likes and helped to increase it’s size, as it was not growing substantially before i managed it. I believe the Infowars crew does amazing work, and thankful they took it over, as i was focused in growing “we are change” and starting my own orgs). When luke got his first confrontation and appeared on the Alex Jones show i made the “We Are Change” page and when the CTWJV show came out, I made the “CTW Jesse Ventura” page (taken by time warner w/ 260K likes). I’m only stating this to iterate what i’ve been very busy with and working 50+ hrs/week on, in the past.


At that time and for a decade+ I’ve generally focused on helping to uplift and propel others platforms related to freedom, activism, ideas and information sharing. Through the process of constant management, formulating, designing, and posting content. I am also still constantly trying to connect and introduce people of influence and impertinent ideas and works to each other, in hopes that there soon becomes a more generalist overview and understanding among the media and free-thinkers on topics of importance. This type of project comes naturally to my ideals and what i want to accomplish.


I’ve been met with incredible amounts of suppression, censorship, subversion from many angles, which has mostly only served as a sharpening of my skills. I also occasionally get letters of encouragement, most usually coming from the most notable, hardest working, influential people and website developers within this genre, some not public figures, but “behind the scenes”. The, sometimes weekly, “thank you for your work” i receive generally (90% of the time) comes from this “type”. I am not just blowing my horn, but this is not the only “type” of person I am looking for and attempting to reach out to. I am looking for the normal person with useful and vast skill sets, at different Levels of their “Awakening”, that i can verify, per personal judgement, that won’t try to subvert or derail my message or agenda to help broaden points of view, by spreading multiple and various sources of information.


I am only bringing this up to make the point that, with the exception of just recently, the types of interaction i generally receive (besides what i mentioned above), has been that of control-freak measures and subversionary tactics. I will always remain skeptical of everyone but myself and what i can prove myself, as i understand how easy it is for someone within an organization to gain respect and then subvert the cause, with little or no effort. I am only saying this to explain that i am going to be very choosy who i bring into this private discussion (this notes page, and images folders for now) for the help i most seriously need to succeed in becoming operational and financially sustaining with this. Thank you for reading and your understanding.


In Solutions, Freedom and Prosperity,

Justin L Wallis







To Do List (We Need Help From Developers & Coders):



Buy: (D = Design first)

$200 - Button Maker & Buttons

$100 - (Spirit of) 1776 Stickers

$100 - ™logos and Multiple Taglines

$5 - Get an EIN and make WATNM a Non-Profit (for now, get al LLC at some point) (confirm this is the absolute best approach from business lawyer, professional, or just legalzoom consultant)

450 - Gain an LLC (w/ Legalzoom) out of Delaware, Contact my DL friends w/ permanent address, ask to be initial contactee or whatever they call it.

100$ - 10 Microphone Boxes

- Crystals (Buy bulk from the “Crystal Conferences)

- Make Wands, and Necklaces (Natural Wrap in Silver/Gold wire)

- Truth Goddess Promotional Shirts and Apparel for Backdrop Photoshoot, and Conferences



Need to Design: (*C = Crucial)

**** All Done *****



Print and Get Printed:

Justin Wallis Business Cards 40 (Update w/ WATNM logo) *P

Truth Goddess Business Cards *P


Support Funds: (Update Donation Page, and Embed Campaigns)

- WATNM Promotional Items Fund, incl. Vinyl Photog. Backdrop, 2k+ Business Cards


- WRTNM Social Geospatial Recognition Network Connectivity Fund

- WRTNM Internet Contingency Offensive; Thousands of MicroSD (& Adapters) Loaded with Library and Website IP List:




Possible Web Addresses List (to buy) Explanation and Info:
Please do not share these, or create web searches around them, this will all decrease my chances for them being available in the future and most of the time they are just parked and wasting space when bought up by domain sharks, thank you.
- Which ones Should I Buy? If i ever get a donation.

- 90% have been checked and are available

- I am Pointing them to WeAreTheNewMedia.com

- In the Future, (possibly) Building platforms for others (on top of a domain name)


- Offering multiple subdomains for members who join. (Examples Below)
Examples: JustinWallis.WeAreTheNewMedia.com, JustinWallis.WATNM.com












NewMediaSwag.com (Shop)

NewMediaThreads.com (Shop)















































Don’t Add To Site:

Conscious Media Festival



Quotes To Add: (to Slider at http://wearethenewmedia.com/coolslider )


“How could they see anything but the shadows if they were never allowed to move their heads?” ― Plato, The Allegory of the Cave


We Are A Rhythmic Balance Interchange; Becoming Conscious of Consciousness Itself

- Matt Presti of The University of Science and Philosophy





Ideas, Ideals, Words (Can prob be organized, categorized, put into sections, added to, edited, somehow):




Examination Of Words Terms Definitions And Ideas
- Statist Propaganda Phrases
- Social Justice Warrior (Social-Marxism) Terminology Glossary




About Section:

WATNM Links & Website Info


Age of Revealing and the Return of the Divination Arts

Solutions Based New Media Platform



Examination Of Words Terms Definitions And Ideas

Folder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByR3ftDrtEvCSGRaVGhaQW5WZkU

Social Justice Warrior (Social-Marxism) Terminology Glossary


Statist Propaganda Phrases



Letter to President Trump; The First Amendment at risk and 100 other Points of Interest









Becoming Self Conscious , 4th Wave, Obama’s Manufactured Civil War, NSA Brute-Force Supercomputer Attack, Self-Ownership


We have a PLAN To Break Through the Algorithmically-Suppressive Electronic Ghetto. Popping the Bubble Mentality in the face of increasing egregious censorship of the First Amendment.


Building Blocks of a New Civilization; A Way to rebuild Civ after civil war /collapse



Private Property

micro/macro organizationalism / archivism


Carnegie Foundation, Reece Committee, Power Corporation


Svengali technique


Manipulism, Learned Helplessness, Stockholm Syndrome


Socialism, Communism, Fascism and Social Liberalism, known as Collectivism are Not ideologies, they are severities of pathological narcissism. "Magical thinking of infinite excuses”

Collectivist Mind Control.Collectivism / Marxists / Leninists; Severe Pathological Narcissism; Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD); Malignant Narcissistic Coercion, Propaganda, Secrecy & Denial. Victimhood, Disempowerment

Democratic Socialism = Neo-Communism


Individualism, Self Ownership, Sovereignty, sovereignty of the individual, individual sovereignty, individual autonomy,, Voluntary interactions, Free Market Capitalism,Alternative Currencies, America, Private Property, Constitution, Bill Of Rights, End of the Master/Slave Dichotomy, Libertarianism, Anarcho-capitalism, Anti-authoritarianism, anti-monopolization, anti-totalitarianism.



The Psychological Origins the Emotional Marxists Malignant Pathological Narcissistic Mental Prison? The Law of Jante (janteloven); Subliminal Conditioning, Malignant Narcissistic Coercion; "tall poppy syndrome", Schadenfreude syndrome, Polish Hell, Crab Mentality. Driven by a severe inferiority complex. Defense Mechanism: Lack of the ability to take criticism as a result of low self-worth. Immature-Non Adults / Poor Standards.

Hotkchiss' 7 Deadly Sins of Narcissism:


Magical Thinking (Inclu. Projecting)





Bad boundaries


Monopolized, Totalitarian,

We are casting a fundamental and absolute diametric apposition to this choice and imploring everyone to widen our view into various legitimate colleges of thought and exploration into every varying degree of consciousness.</span><br />

We are here to break the collective conditioning, end the bubble mentality, and consequently, in accordance with natural, peacefully intellectually and sometimes physically the suppressive overthrow the progenitors of the tyranny paradigm constructed by dark magicians and an elite class of cockroaches. we have been documenting, and archiving.

We have diagnosed that the culture as from suffering from symptoms of a predator ruling class oligarchy imploring ideas of learned helplessness, stockholm syndrome. A suppression and diversion, false indoctrination and information, hardheads,

"The most dangerous person is the one who listens, thinks, and observes." - Bruce Lee

Ancient Psychology - Tarot Astrology Kabala Numerology

Symbology is the collective unconscious

The world has been Occulted by dark magicians. We are De-Occulting the Dark Magicians

Existential Breakdown.

Pattern = Pater = Father; Our Father, Who Art in Heaven? Sacred Geometry

Geometry existed before the creation; It is co-eternal with the mind of God

The Chicken or egg Came First? Answer: Math says Egg

Infinite Within the Finite Creation; Pi - Phyllotaxis; The Divine Proportion 137.5 Degree. Infinite Above & Infinite Below. Find Phi in a pentagram. 137 in the Freemason Logo

Mathematics is no more about equations, than poetry is about spelling

Property/Power of 10;

Everything happening Outside happens within the human temple.

God is who center everywhere, and circumference nowhere (now here); The center of everywhere is right here

Center the True / Imperial Self / Not being "Self-Centered”

Language/Information is a Medium/Tool; Understand Language & Etymology as to not be manipulated; Manipulation of Language

“Thoughts are free and subject to no rule. On them rests the freedom of man, and they tower above the light of nature...create a new heaven, a new firmament, a new source of energy from which new arts flow.” - Paracelsus

Those who are unaware, they are walking in darkness, will never see the light - Bruce Lee

Enemy List:

Soros +(funded groups/dupes), David Brock (Media Matters)

Modern Liberalism / Mass Stockholm Syndrome / cultural mind-control / scientific warfare / weaponized mental-illness, Cultural Libertarianism / conservatism is the new counter-culture, The Readiness is All, Operation Bluebird (MKUltra CIA Mind Control Predecessor) / ("The Cloud That Lifted”/JFK Assassination) “The Nine”, The Cult of Venus,

Stimulation of Virtue in others, create conscience / unease

There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, then are dreamt of in your philosophy (Natural Philosophy / Science)

Enemy List:: Soros +(funded groups/dupes), David Brock (Media Matters)

Year of the Hoax, Age of Deception, Age of the Hoax/Hex/Spellcastings, Definitions and Entomology of Words, Vibratory Tones / Vibration, Squaring the Circle, Rispodol/Neuroleptics, CLOISTERED THOUGHTBUBBLES. Phoenix Style Coordination Fake News (Black Propaganda) CIA Psychological War Centers, Hermetic / Divination Arts, The Cult of the Severed Head, Transformation of Power, Symbolism of Decapitation, Access of Information / Means of Dissemination. Dragon Brotherhood, Red Cross / Venus Sisterhood, Crescent Moon, Duke of Kent, Kent = Egypt, Egyptian Right (Order of Mon (Masonry), Alpha Lodge), Sisterhood/Nephilam lost the technology, Akanatan/Egypt, Mass Trauma Based Mind Control

Cult of AmanRa, (Men rep mother/moon)

The most obvious is the least seen


Mass-radicalization and suppression of people's minds, as well as mass immigrations of societies, are both are commonly used as a societal weapon In the multi-dimensional chess game called life. No matter what open-border, commie ideal imagined, it is still, simply and very, historically accurate threat towards Liberty.


Top Section

Number= Degree #, or degree within a degree

The Sisterhood: 11, Water Symbology, Crescent, The Sun, Cult of Venus/Dionysius, Female Illuminati / White Pyramid , Blue/Red, St.Michael & St George (pagan), Knights of the Garter, The Great Throne/Seat, Goddess of the Seat,

Become Conscious of Our Own Consciousness

Make a bookmark of my enemies skin

Belief is the Enemy of Knowing

Narcissistic MicroWorlds, Modern Scientism,The Language of Maritime Law,

Theosophical Society (blavatsky) > Sub Rosa (under the control of lucifer)


As shadow-work and will towards a greater culture dip into our preconscious reservoir is letting itself known within our rights of passage. Get the stone out of your shoe and deconstruct

intimately evil collectivist cultural healing. Divine Illumination Divine Arts

rites of passage psychic dictatorship subversive symbolism trauma self-love individualised, idealogical subversion, Chaos Magick, Cigil, The Cult of Kek, Logos = Anti-Cigil, Anti-CigilCraft Channeling Desire into Outcome, 77, Astrotheology,

Resonate toward the Intelligent and occasionally help the dead bury the dead.

Within you is hidden the treasure of treasures! Know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods.

synthetic baggage has made us apathetic, stratfor, cerberus capital management

critical review of history, the present critical decipherment etymology and symbols

Trauma Based Mind Control, Ancient Psychology, Spiritual Anarchy

open minds, open source, expanding freedom, Worldwide.

Books: Secret of the Creative Vacuum



LifeForce: During the course of human history, life energy has received many names: In the East, it was called Prana (India), Chi (China), Ki (Japan). In Hawaii, it was Mana, in the West it was Od (Karl von Reichenbach), Orgone (Reich), Animal Magnetism (Mesmer), Auxones (Waerland), and many others.


All Is Self Inner Zodiac Ancient mirrors of the soul Tarot Astrology Numerology all sister disciplines, and not meant to be studied separately. Divination Arts, Goddess Tradition


During recent history, some people in Western countries have claimed to have “discovered” life energy, not being aware that humans have been using this energy for tens of thousands of years. This, in fact, means that these scientists have re-discovered life energy within their realm of experiences, their scientific research their scientific belief structures, and consequently they succeeded to explain this energy in a context that was in tune with their specific scientific thinking.


Now, What is life energy?


It is obvious by now that life energy is an energy that is universally present. Its main characteristic is dynamic flow and pulse: it is movement. In this respect, there is similarity with the electro-magnetic energy.


For the accumulation of life energy, certain materials proved to be very effective. When re-discovering life energy for science more than 200 years ago, Franz Anton Mesmer called it animal magnetism (“personal magnetism” is the word used in our days), because he was well aware of a connection between life energy and magnetism. Based on his hands-on knowledge, he built the first accumulators of life energy of which we know: Oak barrels that he filled with iron filings.


Mesmer re-discovered life energy and he viewed it in a scientific context, as did Wilhelm Reich, Karl von Reichenbach, and others after him.


Wilhelm Reich was familiar with Mesmer’s work, since he studied hypnosis when he was a disciple of Freud. In fact, for the past 150 years, every person who was learning hypnosis in the German speaking area learns about Mesmer as a “pioneer of hypnosis” right at the beginning of such studies. When “discovering” life energy within the context of his work as an MD and psychologist, Reich used the term orgone for it. He discovered that organic materials (he meant materials that contain carbon or silicone such as paper, wool, cotton, sand, or glass wool) attract and hold life energy while metal has the characteristic of attracting life energy and then immediately repelling it. This understanding was a big step ahead of Mesmer’s oaken barrels that were filled with iron filings to attract “animal magnetism.” Based on this new understanding why life energy was attracted, Reich was capable of building orgone accumulators that were more effective than Mesmer’s barrels and at the same time they required much less material. He built boxes with alternating layers of organic and metallic matter. The outside is organic while the innermost layer is metallic. He recognized that the capability to attract and store life energy (as I said, he called it orgone) increased with the increase of layers. Mesmer’s oaken barrels with iron filings then were single layer orgone accumulators.






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<span style="font-size:16px; line-height:16px;">In the age of information, ignorance is a absolute <strong>choice</strong>.<br />



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