QAnon-Can We Talk About The Sophisticated Infrastructure Now?

DarkJournalist - Analysis Of QAnon Posts...

(Innocent Cicada Puzzle or Social Engineering & Control?)
Analysis is this is sophisticated Psych Ops
`Hope Porn ( vs Fear Porn )
`Messianic to Grab Evangelicals/Patriot Movement
`Worded in a way to inject into Search Algorythms
`Corporate techniques in manipulating 'brain space' of people ( vertical v.s. horizontal(issues) )
`Training Movement to Wait & Hope v.s. Act & Network

Praying Medic - WTF? - WHO IS THIS GUY?????

I KEEP RUNNING INTO HIM.. by accident?

synchronicity statistically impossible - he's deeply involved somehow.
`Site also hosts the 'Pheonix Journals' <-- looking into these.. could be DEEP INTEL or Luciferian `PsyOp - several issues 'banned by Congress' ( need to REALY verify this )
`hosts SorchaFaal (reportedly David Booth CIA) - They're stuff is HOT.. can't say whether its for GOOD or BAD, but makes connections normal folks couldn't possibly make. PsyOp? Why? What direction is it trying to drive the mind to?

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In the BILLBOARD post that was removed
Domain OWNED by Brett Bruce - SEO specialist

Praying Medic  
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Corsi No articals...
`'stubbed' out in prep for his contribs ( think he wasn't involved )
`GONE ~1week ago
Tracy Beans
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Like I said earlier, this is WAYYYYYY Bigger than I originally suspected.. TO MUCH INFRASTRUCTURE
people showing up embedded in various places...

Doors Are Closing As We Get Closer!!!