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      • THat billboard URL leads to a domain name page where they want people to but a website
      • I believe you went to the wrong site. Try this:

      hosting SAME graphic & domains names for sale

        • Domain Names for Sale
        • Just the NAMES! - not development

      Captured from May14th - NOW redirects to

      Soliciting Web Design - Brett Bruce


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      Joe Rogan #911

      Q mentions 4-5x
      see the beginning seconds
      then within 1st hour
      Joe not surprised at any mentions
      16 year friends


      Dark Journalist

      • QAnon Analysis
        • 4months ago
        • WELL prepared
        • Enough solid intel to be coming from high source
        • but has misdirection & allure embedded
        • Leading followers, not informing them
        • Head-Space Technology
          • Marketers use tactics to place Brands in head space
            • product line is horizontal
            • price is vertical
          • Sees similar techniques in the messages

       WikiLeaks & Jack Posobiec

      Unknown Source


      • If billboard is affiliated with the QPost sites
        • and QPost sites are scamming people
        • would the QPost sites be mentioned at some point
        • if not by Q,
        • then by ANYONE?
      • If Occultists are part of the foundation of the  Patriot Movement, by way of Q
        • wouldn't this be cause for concern?
        • Fly in the face of American Values
        • Wouldn't an intel asset notice?
        • Raise a flag & expose it
        • Demonologist on
        • Occultist on WATN
        • Merchandise somewhat questionable?
      • Preying Medic
        • Sprawling nework of sites
        • Most have donation
        • Note selling tangible services - what do ANY of those sites do?
      • Why wouldn't the players make themselves known & obvious
        • why hide behind Q facades?