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  • Planting seeds of truth, abundance, health, and love, and inspired by a healthy fear of systematic vulnerabilities that inspire change, Growing Freedom provides a true resource (podcast, articles, e-books, community) during this paradigm shift. From scarcity to abundance, from fear to love, from sickness to health, and way beyond. Join us for this life-changing experience.

  • Ryan
    Mailing Address: 10874 DENVER DR, COOPER CITY FLORIDA 33026 US
    Phone: +1.9546297647
    Fax Ext:
In a feature interview with Truth Warrior David Whitehead, we explore the concepts of discipline, body intelligence, and intuition; all crucial elements in the pursuit of Growing Freedom. How can one overcome cognitive dissonance when speaking about controversial topics with others? Why is it important to nourish the body, in addition to the mind and the soul? Join Bob and David in a candid discussion on the topics of personal liberty, self sovereignty, and overcoming political correctness, with a healthy dose of kumbaya.


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    The Bob Tuskin Show

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    Londonderry, NH


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    An eternal student of economics, science and the arts, an organic gardener, a radio show host and activist, he seeks a higher form of wisdom and works hard to ensure a better place for his children’s children. Seeking an end to the current slavery based system of which we live, his solutions based understanding is an important asset. As an active! activist, and with the skills of grammar, logic and rhetoric, the Trivium, in hand, Tuskin often speaks in front of city commissions, the environmental protection agency and others in the persuit of 911 justice, to promote awareness of geo-engineering and other topics.






Danny BigBeard

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March 13, 2017
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DarkVox Version 666 "Summoner edition"


Bank A source: Daniel 2, Kings 13, Psalms69, Leviticus 1 - IN REVERSE - SAMPLE LENGTH = 250ms

Bank B source: Revelation - FORWARD - 0.5s

Pentagram works as a digital compass set to point south (ON MOST DEVICES) Magnetic disturbances can cause the start to move direction.

If your device does not function as a compass the star will rotate.

Robust studio quality reverb. the reverb is applied to the mic INPUT as well as output sounds. Putting reverb on your voice and the returning echo.


My apps are ghost hunter apps for ghost hunters and ITC/EVP researchers.

Brought to you by Big Beard Studios, Creator of EchoVox, DarkVox and SpiritVox The worlds most trusted creator of paranormal apps and software.

Download and use it with confidence!




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Baruch Interview 5/11 | Qpost hiccups & camps

Mapping Baruch Timeline/Dates to Q posts - Baruch checks out in everyway on my end..
Noting that Hijacking occurred at some point... pick a camp... there are many... are you
1) the traitor that bailed too soon... or
2) the moron who stayed too long ;)

/pol/ Oct 29 2017 23:20:11 Anonymous 147175452
/pol/ Oct 30 2017 00:26:53 Anonymous 147181191
/pol/ Oct 31 2017 23:00:15 Bread Crumbs - Q Clearance Patriot Anonymous 147433975

/pol/ Nov 07 2017 19:05:59 Anonymous 148457032
/pol/ Nov 09 2017 23:07:15 Q !ITPb.qbhqo 148779656

/pol/ Nov 15 2017 00:38:48 Q !ITPb.qbhqo 149490950

/pol/ Dec 14 2017 21:41:02 Anonymous 99658
/cbts/ Dec 14 2017 21:40:05 Q !ITPb.qbhqo 11043803
/pol/ Dec 14 2017 21:43:38 Q !ITPb.qbhqo 11043832
/pol/ Dec 14 2017 21:44:23 Q !ITPb.qbhqo 11043839
/pol/ Dec 14 2017 21:52:47 Q !ITPb.qbhqo 153323368
/pol/ Dec 14 2017 22:37:42 Q !ITPb.qbhqo 11044319
/pol/ Dec 15 2017 01:03:02 Q !ITPb.qbhqo 11045052
/pol/ Dec 15 2017 01:04:06 Q !UW.yye1fxo 11045057
/pol/ Dec 15 2017 01:04:43 Q !ITPb.qbhqo 11045061
/pol/ Dec 15 2017 01:05:51 Q !UW.yye1fxo 11045072
/pol/ Dec 15 2017 01:15:57 Q !UW.yye1fxo 11045132

/cbts/ Dec 25 2017 15:57:38 Q !UW.yye1fxo 173382
/cbts/ Jan 04 2018 00:43:04 MONDAY Anonymous 238914
/pol/ Jan 04 2018 00:54:28 Q !UW.yye1fxo 11115887
/cbts/ Jan 04 2018 00:58:17 Anonymous 239015
/cbts/ Jan 04 2018 01:41:05 Anonymous 239349
/cbts/ Jan 05 2018 16:12:23 Q !UW.yye1fxo 248590

/qresearch/ Mar 21 2018 01:32:28 Q !UW.yye1fxo 740252
/greatawakening/ Mar 23 2018 13:09:02 Q !UW.yye1fxo 459
/greatawakening/ Mar 23 2018 13:09:37 Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 460

/qresearch/ May 04 2018 16:02:22 Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 1298146
/patriotsfight/  May 04 2018 16:46:23 Q !2jsTvXXmXs 62

/patriotsfight/ May 08 2018 19:44:19 Q !2jsTvXXmXs 68
/patriotsfight/ May 08 2018 19:47:17 Q !4pRcUA0lBE 70




  • the thai guy from 4CH 1st Gen
    • comms, radio talk...
    • mobile apps for hamm radio
    • different styles are diff people
  • Create narrative, update Twitter & FB handles, get traffic & donations
    • Sell Stuff, Bitcoin, Bitcoin
    • COLLECTING YOUR IPs(how else can they permaban).. SELL YOUR DATA
    • COLLECTING YOUR IPs(how else can they permaban).. SELL YOUR DATA
    • PrayingMedic
    • Generate BitCoin
  • Cred: 'TW@0Hour1'
    • IT guys on Internet manipulating things to induce conclusions
    • 4-5 months ago... #TruthCrumbs #GreatAwakening
    • 4am TruthCrumbs Server hacked - repo of journalists that push stories for outlet pickup
    • VaughVanQAnon - Cicada
    • facebook page about page - traced address
    • Facebook / TruthCrumbs
    • Operators change handles on TW/FB to follow trends & build up audience for sales..
    • Dr. Nick Begich
  • More Recap
    • 4CH 1st account
    • 1 pic was fake - went after that account on 4CH
    • chase guy off, chun thon from Vietnam - graphic artist - ningthun design
    • took it to 8CH
    • admin processes -
    • -> 2!jsTvXXmXs -> TShirt Sales
    • where did it originate from
    • facebook website -> about ->
    • few knew about it other than Facebook
    • facebook website connected to
    • same site layout across THREE sites... c'mon





Pending Cleaning

Baruch Interview 5/11 | RE: infowars...

The longtime fav punching bag of 'patriots & truthers' coming on board in last 24months clearly don't know this man/team's sacrifice & contribution to a scene they unilaterally created & nurtured since 1996.....
 AJ been around LONGGGG before Q... frankly I've gleened loads more intel from IW than Q & given choice.. I'm betting on the one that's been here since 1996
 Corsi 40yr Trump Friend, 1900+ articles for WND since 2004 addressing deepstate while we were still enjoying the matrix & lauging at the tin foil hats, Obama Birther(wrote book on it even though its a crime to sell books ;) ), has(had?) military intel clearance for decades.. but he's going to commit wirefraud for chumpchange with a bunch of noobs(relatively speaking):rolling_eyes:
 Both have other revenue streams.. with IW recently gaining 100-300 TV station carriers so reaching larger market
 AJ gave CraigRSawyer $100K for Contraland production.. so obviously he's in it for the money :rolling_eyes:
 Allows ALL content to be FREELY distributed & re-used... but is in it for the money :rolling_eyes:
 Is syndicating to TV stations AT NO COST to owners.. but is in it for the money :rolling_eyes:
 0HOUR1 not happy w some of AJ's comments.. SandyHook for one...mmm that's fair in some regard...
 I say.. on air for 20years.. mostly at 4hours a day... that's the best we can cast out of all the conent? do we judge ourselves by same measure?

Baruch Interview 5/11 | Current State of Affairs

Current analysis is that Q was/is legit.. but counter-operations in full swing & these website scraper sites + wearethenewmedia are up to no good/wirefraud
He makes good points about even amongst the BS... correct predictions made: Pope & lord's prayer | Austin bomber 4am intercept(not sure on the lead time, if tight could have been garnered through the reported '4am talking points' server/hack)
Methinks we have a combo of elements working separately on these Q posts/boards: PsyOp, DataMiningOps for $$$, controlled narrative
CBTS discord is full of patriots - someone in that group seems to be behind things, but the other 99% are just looking to help/get educated



    Anonymous -> Q !ITPb.qbhqo
    Q !ITPb.qbhqo
    Q !ITPb.qbhqo  > Anonymous > !UW.yye1fxo
    !UW.yye1fxo>MONDAY Anonymous



new team on 1/5
returned w diff trip code
12/15 locked out on Q
11/15 anyone after
11/9 tripcode Q is not Q
10/29 8CH
4CH -> 8ch/cbts [ empty ]


10/31 Oct
mid-november - shills, nazi,
baruch made 8ch ALL
4ch dived
few days q posting on CBTS
ran until Jan5th QTrip Cracked
ahead of corsi/0hour - is LARP


new team on 1/5
returned w diff trip code
12/15 locked out on Q
11/15 anyone after
11/9 tripcode Q is not Q
10/29 8CH
4CH -> 8ch/cbts [ empty ]
Q began posting
Jew/Nazi Trolls made things untenable


RobDew IW interview Pamphlet & Corsi Burach the Scribe

1/5    Q posts
    Pamphlet, Corsi, Baruch, obobo
    not real
??    new Q posted pen at whitehouse
    Corsi Sold
    Pamphlet/Baruch wasn't so much
        kicked off CBTS asking Questions
        wrong IP address
        star was wrong?

    Q has dropped good intel
        Austin bombing taken at 4am
        John perry bono dying
    Pamplet, Redex, Corsi -
        truly believed Q was real
        can hear them on the stream
        no fraud
        writing same thing, believes in Q
        Real Phenom
        on Discord
        12/16 on Discord
        locked Q out
        thread deletion
            pamphlet, baked then no there anymore
        Poll Correct eh record, jdk, clown
            Baruch STOP fucking around, quite compli
                need codes for long investigations
                baker from the last thread same as now - avoid heists
            locked board
                Q's code about to be cracked
                removed names & trips completely, but Q can't post
                this is actually good thing b/c he'll have to change his trip
            Issac Green Show
            Q changed trip code
                lucky he did.. ws bad decision
            invited on teh discord that evening
             whitehats on tor doggiechat.onion - highly encrypted
                18monts since FBIAnon
                    OK, Q can post w/out name b/c whitelisted ( lying/wrong)
        12/16 Farmer was there^^^        
        Defango - right before talk with Uni
            12/30 - after all the wierdness
            initial talks based on eamil he sent
            power structure settled in for jan
            Corsi in 1st 15 of AJ video
            Baruch happy
                joined Reddit
                analysis was perfect
                reading military streams for years...
                had clearance
                B spoke w him on reddit
                After disagreement over legit Q
                    he's great if wrong
                Wus Corsi hoping Q ws real, or KNEW was real
                    patriots soapbox stream
                    B thinks he was decoding shit
                    There was REAL info
                    from jan1
                        been right
                        lied & spewed nonsense
                    Times it seemed 'do you really believe this?'
                    Book is great!
                    old soldier -
                    told openly
                    WND & IW vehicles for him to write
            personal friend of Trump for 40 years
            profiteers post
            Corsi clearly WRONG about  says Q ws comp'd & Trip was crakced
            Q pasted password in the name field by mistake
                name[space]#trip /name#trip
                name#pwd, see your name/tripcode<-- unique
                3 levels of trip
                    Q NOHASH PWD in clear text
                    hey q change your trip
                in December took 6x to get in the board
                Q has history of technical mistakes
            Arguement against Q is AI
            Corsi called
                phoned consultant in  silicon valley
                codemonkey compromised
            simpler answer - arcum razor
            IW interview
                over 60 days posted on 4CH/8CH
                most hostlie environments in the owrld
                figths about everything
                Q, 8CH Q
                didn't mention any of their internal shit
                no YT'er
                Utterly IRRELEVANT
                Fight Scream & spread the word
                posting /pol/
                profiting from movement is BS
                Current Q - be careful who you follow <-- why do you care
                tracy beanz show -
                pay money to a streamer - none of your business
            IP address thing
                big thing - situation with IP & corsi
                always been changes in IP address
                best verifiable
                can't verify 4CH / 8CH address changes
                secret agreement
                how to confirm NEW Q
            how to take situation seriously moving fwd
                2 reasons confirmed Q 4CH / 8CH were the asme
                    code under the both trips
                    1st pwd = matlock - us ambassador from 80's "talk to Russia"
                        matlock on 4ch
                        same on 8ch
                    q on 8ch confirmed some predictions on 4CH - 8CH
                        4CH lords prayer, then 8CH
                            lords prayer
                            then pope 2 weeks later
                            maybe from diff team

            flooded off 4CH
            Q called it clown pounce
            4ch /pol/ rolling thread
                8 captures before you post -
                1/2 jewbash
                mods banning tripcodes/names users
                11/26 - 4CH CBTS unusable
                8CH bunker
                    away for couple of days
                    zillion threads - new Q HQ
                    few days later posted with same tripcode
                    Q -> posted on /pol/ got banned... moved to 8CH
        why would Q would move
        why not make his own board                    
                    Q posting on 4CH /pol/
                        10/27-11/end - by end of Nov
                        Q threads becoming unusable
                        ppl got violent with Q on 4CH
                            see for /archiveanon <-- threads 580-590
                            by the end, almost no discussion
                            outside ppl, pasting nazi logos
                            baruch saw this coming
                        when to 8CH created CBTS
                            ERMPTY, rules, thread: Q post here
                            after 4CH became unusable
                            found that some had moved there
                        Q posted early dec.. 1million bot instances were used to knock of 4CH
                        end of november - Q posted 'will stop posting'
                    thread got filled up, then moved
                    notified to bunker: voat, 4CH, 8CH,
                    580 threads on CBTS
                How did confirm Q
                    Q is posting on my board
                    won't see me for next 3 months
                    maintain anons & bakes
                Finished contract - on vacation
                    used to get PM from Q not using 8CH
                    post as anon on general discussion
                    all mods knew b/c IP see
                    can't see directly, but see hash
                    Baruch 1/1/2018 - (banned on reddit)
                        called for doxing anon
                            for calling for for CBTS stream  shutdown
                            msg to Q if some dick wnated to shutdown
                            in touch with friednly at FBI - they could get into trouble with spreading the message
                            reply from Q immediately
                                as Anon: understand, can't stay long, becareful who you follow on YT - some ppl may not be what they seem
                                pamplet, baruch - gettign prods from Q ( 6 IPs from Q )
                            IP?: TripCode transfere to ID with letters
                                tripcode #tripcode.. 8CH hashed IP with #TripCode
                                modtools, select post as mode.. IP=hash of #TripCode & IP
                                6 devices - logs that show 6 hashes.
                    algorithm - decrypt
                        Q trip was first cracked
                        somone did actually put up page to validate matlock was trip code
                            can test on own board - unirock #matlock = Q's old tripcode
                    3 month contract for company implemented live tcp connection over nptt
                        multithreaded IP server/client - could punch a hole through clients firewall & get zaback monitoring
                        saved 1/2 fees from that & had 3 months off
                    I do it for the kids
                        chasing pedo/trafficking/SRA
                        household name in your country - want to take down personally
                        Q gave him a few hints that he knew name & who
                            private msgs on the 8CH board
                            pubilc messages as anon
                        2 diff emails from baker to nathan/uni
                            says baruch rep as creating Q
                            created many of the posts - pamphlet was baking & about to post
                   <-- same as pqntpkts
                        not Q -
                            not taking phtoos from airforce one
                            putting things in twitter 10min before
                            thread was deleted
                                posting as Q when a thread was deleted
                                1/5 - if direct comm, why confusion going forward
                                1/1 - Baruch thinks not Q
                                    kicked out of reddit
                                    Corsi, redex, pamphlet - all believed Q
                                    0HOUR1 right about current Q
                            someone hacked Q at some point
                            not sure WHEN
                            WAS certainly legit
                        Cicada - defango mentioned
                            hacked it
                            took it & BO wouldn't have tripcode
                        Pamphlet had control of the tripcode - Barauch didn't know
                    Nathan: Brian 0HOUR1    
                        been at it 3mo ago
                        steemit - antiq camp
                        cicada activee
                        thomas & foxlady - found they were connected to Q mvmnt
                        extra discovery - 2 not as up front as we think
                        movement of power control over the trip
                        Pamphlet - convo general idea of things
                    Q was possibly was trip-hack, coup
                    who attempted to usurp?
                    so many bad actors -
                    # of attacks from diff groups
                        you'll get good at locating them
                    now documented - spent 1M to impersonating NeggerAnon
                        2+ factions of CIA
                        foreign intel
                    Don't take his word...
                        all logs on CBTS
                        he feels it ws real
                        special place picked up for soros
                            Trump - just got back from camp david a special place
                            copy paste anon post into tweet LIVE
                            Q - y check tweets
                            Q posts
                            hey len,
                                heard you can't sleep anymore
                            linda rothschild drunk posted
                                started posting
                                Q knew linda was browsing cbgts
                                posting on 8CH