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Parkland Rabbis: ‘The Tragedy Is Still Unfolding in Our Community’

Families and friends mourn; student survivors in shock

February 15, 2018 11:13 AM

Even after the bullets stopped—and the students and adults who were murdered were identified—Chabad rabbis in Parkland, Fla., say the tragedy in their community is just beginning to unfold.

“This is a small community, where nearly half of the population is Jewish, so everyone has been touched by what has happened,” Rabbi Shuey Biston, director of outreach and development of Chabad of Parkland told “The phones at Chabad have been ringing off the wall as people come for emotional, spiritual, and material support.”

Of the 17 confirmed deaths, the rabbis believe that at least six were Jewish, including an adult security guard. Several of those killed were participants at the Chabad centers in Parkland or nearby Coral Springs.

Sheriff Scott Israel has an affinity for Sex Rings??

Five killed in Ft Lauderdale airport shooting

  • The gunman has been identified as Esteban Santiago.
  • Five people have been shot dead by a gunman at Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida, say officials.
  • It happened at the baggage claim area in Terminal 2, just before 1300 local time (1800 GMT), the airport confirmed.
  • Five people were killed, eight injured and one person was unharmed in custody, said police and local officials.
  • Hundreds of people were standing on the tarmac outside the terminal as dozens of police cars and ambulances rushed to the scene.
  • A Miami TV station tweeted footage claiming to be filmed from inside the baggage terminal.
  • The video shows several injured people laying on the floor, as witnesses shout for medical help.
  • The gunman was arrested without any shots fired, said Sheriff Scott Israel.
  • “People were scared and frantically running to avoid being shot. People were tripping over each other. They were trying to make a fast exit out of the door.”
  • Florida Governor Rick Scott is travelling to the airport to be briefed by police.

Five people have been shot dead by a gunman at Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida, say officials.

Sheriff Scott Israel has an affinity for felons

FL STATE Sen. Ken Jenne (D-Hollywood)
U.S. Rep Claude Pepper (D-Miami)
Bob Butterworth was sheriff
Bill Clinton was Arkansas’s Governor
 John Benz, Senior Vice President of Memorial Healthcare System.
More on Clinton Foundation
Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, which sits on the grounds of Memorial at 3501 Johnson St.

Joseph Reilly was also a lobbyist for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office when Bob Butterworth was sheriff |

 It is the chatter in law enforcement officer threads in Broward County that current sheriff Scott Israel has permitted Jenne entry to the Sheriff’s Office though he is considered a felon, because Jenne wished to congratulate him for his election win.

Sun Sentinel

9/11 Investigation REOPENS as The Israeli 'art student' Mystery Seems to be Solved

This investigation appears to be the foothold in cracking the 911 crimes wide open & in full public view. With the change of guard at the FBI, 'fresh eyes' won't need to look far to find treason on a massive scale. And who BETTER to be around than ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller to help uncover the bodies he buried almost 2 decades ago. Things are heating up & I expect we'll have a reunion on this matter soon. Buckle up.

  • Israeli Students snooping around before 9/11 with NCIX branch of the CIA issuing a warning about them
  • Thomas Wales Murder Investigation Gets Hot | February 20, 2018 at 7:54 pm

Thomas Wales Murder Investigation Gets Hot | February 20, 2018 at 7:54 pm |

“Progress is being made,” Tabb said. The case, he said, has a “special purpose.”

In addition to the task-force investigators, Tabb said, “fresh analytical eyes” are applying the bureau’s latest big-data software to the case. “It may or may not turn out some new information,” he said.


The wide-ranging probe — hampered in the beginning by investigative missteps and overshadowed by the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks...

Interim Report: Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders


The Church Committee investigated CIA plots to assassinate foreign leaders. This Interim Report, published in 1975, discusses alleged plots to kill:

• Patrice Lumumba (Congo)
• Fidel Castro (Cuba)
• Rafael Trujillo (Dominican Republic)
• Ngo Dinh Diem (Vietnam)
• Rene Schneider (Chile)

The Committee also examined the CIA’s development of a general “executive action” capability. The Committee found that the U.S. initiated plots to assassinate Fidel Castro and Patrice Lumumba. In the other cases, either U.S. involvement was indirect or evidence was too inconclusive to issue a finding. In Lumumba’s case,the Committee asserted that the U.S. was not involved in his death, despite earlier plotting. The Committee was unable to state with certainty whether any plots were authorized by U.S. Presidents.

CIA Contracted Journalists & Religious Leaders for PsyOps


Tom Brokaw, CFR | FareedZakaria, CFR Scroll & Key, AndersonCooper CIA <-- all on wikipedia for the world to see

Fareed Zakaria Post American World

Honorary Degree from Harvard, Brown, Duke, Johns Hopkins, UofMiami, Oberlin, Bates, UofOK, servess on CFR & Trilateral Commision

On Dagon, Anu, Ishtar



by Esteban

In the Assyrian inscriptions Anu is coupled with Dagan, “the exalted one,” whose female consort seems to have been Dalas or Salas.

Thus Assur-natsir-pal calls himself “the beloved of Anu and Dagon;” and Sargon asserts that he “had extended his protection over the city of Harran, and, according to the ordinance of Anu and Dagon, had written down their laws.”

Here Dagan or Dagon is associated with Harran, the half-way house, as it were, between the Semites of Babylonia and the Semites of the west. From Harran we can trace his name and cult to Phoenicia.

Beth-Dagon was a city of Asher, in the neighbourhood of Tyre and Zidon (Joshua xix. 27), and the fragments of Philôn Byblios, the Greek translator of the Phoenician writer Sankhuniathon, tell us expressly that Dagon was a Phoenician god.



  • He's a Jr. reporter for CNN and his little friends have been with him since 2015 He was a H.S. student in So. California in a very exclusive community. 
  • I'm sure his Ex FBI Agent father "trained" properly. 
  • So basically they have been lying and CNN has been feeding him his talking points thru an ear piece.
  • Just watch his interviews, he grabs his left ear.



Big H/T to COMMON SENSE MEDIA for breaking this down. Something sure seems off about a handful of “survivors” who are garnering 99% of the media attention immediately following the shooting tragedy in Flordia. They are quite eager to get in front of the camera, often appear to be reading from a teleprompter, and in at least one other case, have a history of news media attention already.

The above is student David Hogg, son of a retired FBI agent. Since the shooting Hogg has been front and center calling for gun bans and calling President Trump “disgusting” for not immediately supporting said ban. Here is Mr. Hogg literally practicing his script during one of his many post-shooting interviews. This is pretty high on the creepy scale as

<video at site>

There is absolutely no post-shooting trauma, no sadness, grief, or loss on display here. It reeks of an actor working on his lines:

<video at site>

Q PROMOTES PreyingMedic & SerialBrain PROFITEERING, yet calls out others?
.... & Why is a Christian working with an Occultist?

Time to reiterate the in-congruence with Posting a billboard advertising that is profiteering off Q in absurd fashion, while Q has time to target infowars & corsi(regardless of their innocence). Not forgetting that CBTS stated they wanted to replace infowars and Justin Wallis of WeAreTheNewMedia is a disgruntled ex-employee that is knee deep into dark occult.


Q has time to call out Corsi for selling a $20 book, yet POSTS a billboard linking to a site that is nothing but a profiteering front.
Why are Preying Medic & SerialBrain teaming up with Q when PreyingMedic is die-hard 'Christian' and SerialBrain is a Dark Occultist?

QAnon has taken out time, more than twice now, to call out InfoWars while remaining SILENT on the QPost WebRing making $$$ on donations & QTubeTraffick. domain was started on 4/28/2018 and on May 14th, Q posts a billboard with the domain name... they MERELY sells Media Contacts, domain names & web design for 300-$500 - PLUS SELLING Q LEADS. Funny how the LARGEST GROUP profiting from the QAnon phenomenon, is NEVER called out....

MaltegoCE shows 5000+ BTC Transactions for: 16v8cw9DnmF5x37nx8ucPimVtK3eBjp9m7

GTW & DosMatrix fall off into a rabbit hole & mull over the connections between Monatomic Gold, the Pineal Gland, Adrenochrome, Levite Priesthood & the ark, and some possible XTech connections.

QAnon WebRing ran by Occultists? Lets get past the Q discussion & look at the 'Q Media Outlet'.