WHAT is going on? Rumsfeld supports Trump: 2017.1212

  • Flynn reportedly compiles pedogate list
    • Pence forces his resignation when a close friend ends up on "the list"
    • 2/2017 California: 474 arrested in Child Sex Ring
    • Weeks later Flynn out
  • Mueller oversaw FBI coverup of 911, Anthrax, WacoMassacre, OKC Bombing, Collins-Rector/Disney Pedogate Coverup
    • Mueller reportedly working for Trump
    • Mueller brings Clinton Ops right under his investigation
    • Pedogate coming out fully
  • LV False Flag attack breaks out
    • Trump plays along & says nothing
    • later find helicopters running counter-ops on multiple targets - firing INTO hotel room at Mandalay Bay
    • Seems a massacre WAS AVOIDED despite numerous casualties
    • FBI knee deep in action & cover up
    • Saudi Agents involved
    • 'Suspect' dead & with ties to FBI
    • Reporters dying left & right
    • Crisis Actors employed & photographed by Getty
    • Hooters has 12-20 ambulances show up & leave in about an hour with Venue 2 blocks away
  • SanAntonio Church Massacre
    • Democrat Operative
  • SaudiArabia government corroption sweep
  • CIA headquarters at Langley swarmed by MEU Marines - multiple sources confirm variations
    • #HalTurner
    • #wdim
    • #StephenPieczenik
    • #LizCrokin
    • #HagmannReport
  • Pentagon Audit
    • Rumsfeld oversaw BigPharma & Bush Admin ravage the country & cover up 911
    • Rumsfeld supports Trump
    • Rumsfeld calls for Pentagon Audit for Mission Trillions days before 911 attack
    • Trump calls for Pentagon Audit for missing trillions
    • Rumsfeld comes out of nohwere to support Israel Embassy move
Flat Earth 1,2,3 UnityAdmin Mon, 12/11/2017 - 19:26
  • Three observations that seem to negate Flat Earth physics
  • Imagine the wonder if Flat Earth Community could actually meet THEIR OWN STANDARD
  • I'm down.. but whoa.... Satan is the ultimate deceiver....
  • NASA is your excuse to misunderstand your universe
  • Prove Flat Earth isn't a PsyOp
  • The world is getting wise... Astrology is Key
  • The mages knew the appointed time - by watching the stars.
    • What did they know & who taught them
  • Jesus exhibited knowledge at age 12 that amazed the Jewish Rabbis
    • Who taught him?
  • Milchilzedek was teaching the breaking of the bread & drinking of the wine well before Judaism
    • Priest of what?
  • Why would God convolute our small space while showing consistency elsewhere?
    • Perhaps the key to being 'in the know' is understanding our solar system.
    • Perhaps the bible is ALL ABOUT ASTROLOGY & OCCULT KNOWLEDGE & FE IS THE SATANIC AGENDA in its last death throws to delay the inevitable.
  • Perhaps Flat Earth is nothing but a false opposition that has successfully set back the movement 3 generations.


Crepuscular Rays From Behind Clouds to Shine Under Clouds






1. Foucault's Pendulum to Find Lattitude

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Elite: Forward UnityAdmin Wed, 11/22/2017 - 02:02

Source: http://empireexposed.blogspot.com/2017/07/book-forward-to-pedophilia-empire-satan.html

Las Vegas Shooting: P5-Getty Images Show Another Dead Black Man!

  • Charleston Hartfield identified as the ONLY deceased African American in the USATody & NYT Obits from the Las Vegas Shooting
  • Yet Getty tells us another one died... Calling FRAUD!!
  • Full sleeve tatoo on Getty image Crisis Actor.. Charleston has NONE









JFK Files Bulk Download Links ( x11 ) UnityAdmin Thu, 10/26/2017 - 21:35

For those who didn't see ALL posts...11 files!! Get them ALL



Email: bulkdownload@nara.gov with Subject "JFK Bulk Download"

Thank you for your request to download the 2017 release of JFK assassination files. Completely download all 11 files to the same directory then open jfk.zip to unzip all.