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Obama Accused of Gay Sex, Drugs, and Murder UnityAdmin Sat, 08/04/2018 - 17:48

Barack Obama accused of smoking crack rock cocaine and homosexual activity with Larry Sinclair. Sinclair Alleges that in 1999, He and Barack Obama Shared Gay Sex and Cocaine Sinclair has since agreed to a polygraph, challenged Obama to do the same Sinclair has Filed a Federal Lawsuit Against Obama and Others for Harrassment and Intimidation Since the Video Came Out The Mainstream Press has Remained Monolithically Mute The internet is abuzz with an ongoing story where a man alleges he and Senator Barack Obama had gay sex and did illegal drugs in 1999. While the MSM is aware of this story, no one in the MSM has touched it with a ten foot pole. Is this yet another non-story where the MSM, as watchdogs, decide not to report it? Or is the story about the MSM itself, that the MSM is withholding a potentially damaging report about a popular candidate running in the 2008 election for its own convoluted reasons? While the MSM continues to ignore this story, the internet has taken up the slack, various blogs have reported on Sinclair and his claims of his illicit involvement with Senator Obama

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7-2-2018 Starnet Theater Club, Rothschild Ultra Pig Farm, Serco Con Air Death Pool

  • I've ran into like 7 pieces of info from different places the past two months
  • Kay Griggs implicated MKUltra in like 1996
  • The name came up AGAIN in 2018 with GAIA.TV Luciferian CEO reportedly throwing the name out in conversations!
  • The name came up AGAIN in Field McConnel videos regarding PigFarm Raves & SERCO Con Air Death Pool Broadcasting over Starnet systems used during 911

Abel Danger: Novicok & SuperBowl Near Miss

Field McConnel reportedly alerted authorities of a terror attack planned at the 2018 Superbowl via Novicok injected into the AC System & Magnetically locking all exit doors. Incidentally, we see the ENTIRE security detail was replaced last minute for the event.

SERCO & Con Air Swat were mentioned by Field during the discussion... still looking up the source video where he addressed it. In one of these:


The company providing security to Super Bowl Live, a nightly fan event in Minneapolis connected to Sunday’s NFL championship game, has been replaced because of insufficient background checks on its employees, according to a published report.

EPG Security Group, based in Minneapolis, had been left shorthanded after several of its employees were “yanked away” by federal authorities, a Minneapolis police lieutenant told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.